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Read to know! Renting a car in Dubai? Beware of the hidden costs.

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Dubai is a vibrant city known for its rich way of life and top-notch attractions. If you’re planning to explore this dynamic city, renting a car can be a helpful and adaptable choice. However, it’s crucial to know about the potential hidden costs associated with car rentals in Dubai.

In this blog, we will reveal insight into typical hidden costs to assist you with making informed choices and avoiding any unpleasant surprises while renting a car in Dubai.

Additional Insurance

While basic insurance coverage is typically included in the rental value, additional insurance choices may be offered at an extra expense. These optional insurances, for example, crash damage waiver (CDW) or personal accident insurance (PAI), can significantly increase rental expenses.

Review the agreements and assess whether you really need these additional coverages before making a choice.

Fuel Policy

Different car rental companies in Dubai have varying fuel policies. Some may furnish the vehicle with a full tank of fuel and expect you to return it with a full tank, while others may charge for the fuel upfront and allow you to return the car with an unfilled tank.

Mileage Limitations

Be mindful of any mileage limitations forced by the rental company. Some car rental agreements in Dubai may limit the number of kilometers/miles you can drive each day or during the rental time frame.

Exceeding, as far as possible can lead to an abundance of mileage charges, which can significantly increase the overall expense of renting the car. Clarify the mileage policy and assess whether it aligns with your travel plans.

Toll Charges

Dubai has a broad road organization, and a few major roads have toll gates. Rental cars are outfitted with a Salik tag that automatically deducts toll charges. However, these toll charges are typically added to your final rental bill, along with an additional service expense.

Familiarize yourself with the toll system and inquire about the associated charges to avoid unexpected expenses.

Damage or Cleaning Charges

While renting a car, it’s essential to return it in the same condition as you got it. Any damage or excessive cleaning required may bring about additional charges. Completely inspect the car before driving off and report any existing damage to the rental company. Keep the car clean during your rental period to avoid cleaning charges that may be forced upon return.

Airport Surcharge

If you’re planning to pick up or drop off the rental car at the airport, know about the airport surcharge. Many car rental companies charge an additional expense for airport service, which can significantly increase the overall rental expense.

Early Return Fees

Now and again, returning the rental car earlier than the agreed-upon rental time frame may incur early return fees. The rental company may charge a penalty for not fulfilling the agreed-upon duration, so it’s essential to survey the agreements regarding early returns.


Renting a car in Dubai offers comfort and opportunity while exploring the city. Be mindful of additional insurance choices, fuel policies, mileage limitations, toll charges, potential damage or cleaning expenses. Read the rental agreement completely, ask questions, and clarify any questions before signing the contract. Now, Car with Driver and Call at 971586795119 Vlog to read our informative blog on the hidden costs of renting a car in Dubai.

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