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Five Traffic Fines You Must Avoid in Dubai

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While driving in Dubai, it is vital to know about the traffic rules and guidelines to guarantee a safe and charming experience. Violating traffic regulations can bring about fines and penalties that can discourage your excursion. In this blog, we will feature five traffic fines that you must avoid while driving in Dubai, helping you stay on the right half of the law and maintain a positive driving encounter.


Speeding is a specific traffic offense that can prompt robust fines and, at times, even vehicle impoundment. Dubai has severe speed limits implemented through an organization of radars and cameras.

It is crucial to stick to the posted speed limits, which commonly range from 60 km/h in local locations to 100 km/h on highways. Watch out for speed limit signs and use voyage control when proper to avoid exceeding the speed limit.

Using Cell phones While Driving

Using some devices, for example, cell phones, while driving isn’t just risky yet in addition unlawful in Dubai. Using your phone for texting, calling, or browsing the internet can divert you from the road and increase the risk of mishaps. To avoid strong fines and penalties, it is essential for keeping your phone far off and focus on the errand of driving.

Jumping Red Lights

Running a red light is a serious offense in Dubai and can prompt fines, dark points on your driving license, and even vehicle impoundment. Continuously stick to traffic signals and stop when the light becomes red. Continue just when the light becomes green or when coordinated by a cop.

Driving Impaired

Driving affected by liquor or medications is totally restricted in Dubai. The lawful blood liquor content limit is zero resistance. Indeed, even a limited quantity of liquor can prompt extreme penalties, including fines, license suspension, and imprisonment.

Inappropriate Path Utilization and Tailgating

Dubai has obvious paths, and it is vital to follow path discipline while driving. Avoid unexpectedly changing paths without using indicators or cutting off different vehicles. Tailgating, or driving too intently behind another vehicle, is likewise a typical offense that can prompt mishaps.


Adhering to traffic management and avoiding fines is essential while driving in Dubai. With Car with Driver, stay informed about traffic rules. Contact us at +971586795119 to enjoy a safe and hassle-free driving experience in the beautiful city of Dubai.

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