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Tips for Finding the Cheapest Auto Car Rental Deals with Drivers in UAE

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Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah boast numerous captivating places to explore. When planning your UAE vacation, opting for a car rental with a driver can provide convenience, comfort, and cost savings.

Why Choose Car Rental with Driver in UAE:

If you’re seeking an economical way to traverse the UAE’s cities, a car with a driver is a fantastic option. This service ensures you can experience the luxury of personal transportation without the burden of purchasing a vehicle, maintaining it, or dealing with insurance complexities. The following tips will assist you in discovering the most affordable car rental deals with drivers in the UAE.

1. Online Research for Comparisons:

Start your search on the internet. Online platforms allow you to conveniently compare prices across various rental companies, enabling you to find the most cost-effective options. Websites like provide comprehensive insights into available car brands and their corresponding price ranges, simplifying selection.

2. Advance Booking for Savings:

Booking your car rental with a driver in advance secures your vehicle and leads to substantial savings. Early bookings often come with special discounts. The sooner you reserve, the better your chance of securing a favorable rate.

3. Thorough Price Comparison:

Don’t settle for the first quote you receive. Compare multiple quotes to ensure you’re receiving the best possible deal. Remember that some quotes may omit specific fees or taxes, so verify that the final price is all-inclusive before finalizing your decision.

4. Extended Rental Periods:

Opting for an extended rental period can reduce costs, especially if you plan on staying in one place for an ample time. Longer rentals generally come with more favorable rates while still affording you the flexibility and convenience of personalized transportation.

5. Hunt for Discounts:

Many car rental companies offer promotional codes or coupons that provide substantial discounts. Seek out these offers to significantly cut down your car rental expenses. Discounts of over 50% are attainable, resulting in significant savings.

6. Avoid Airport Rentals:

Steer clear of airport car rentals, which are more expensive due to higher demand. Instead, contact local car rental companies to arrange for pick-up at your convenience. This approach often leads to more affordable rates.


When planning your UAE getaway, remember that affordability doesn’t have to compromise comfort or convenience. A car with driver is a savvy choice for exploring the UAE’s treasures. Following these tips can secure the most budget-friendly deals without sacrificing quality. Whether you’re exploring Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah, navigating the UAE’s wonders will be enjoyable and cost-effective.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

To secure the best deal, utilize comparison websites, check various company prices, seek out promo codes, and compare costs across different vehicle types.

Economy cars are typically the most affordable and popular choice for car rentals in Dubai due to their fuel efficiency and maneuverability in city traffic.

The daily fee for a car rental with a driver in Dubai averages around AED 40, but prices vary depending on the vehicle type and duration.

 A car rental with a driver offers convenience, freedom, and cost savings, making it a worthwhile choice for exploring the UAE’s attractions.

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