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The Toyota Hiace has been a confided-in workhorse for organizations and families the same, providing solid transportation and practicality for quite a long time. As a versatile van with standing for sturdiness and proficiency, the Hiace keeps on being a top decision in the commercial vehicle market.

The smooth and responsive performance, alongside excellent efficiency, pursues it an ideal decision for daily drives and delivery services. We should delve into the impressive highlights and particulars of the Toyota Hiace:


Feature & Specification Table



Engine Options

2.7L Fuel/2.8L Diesel


Up to 134 hp (Fuel)/Up to 151 hp (Diesel)

Transmission Options

5-Speed Manual/6-Speed Programmed (Diesel)

Seating Capacity

Up to 15 travelers (contingent upon the setup)

Freight Capacity

Varies relying upon seating setup


Rear-Wheel Drive

The Toyota Hiace has proven to be a solid and productive workhorse, serving organizations and families with its pragmatic plan and reliable execution. Whether it’s transporting passengers, delivering products, or serving as a base for conversions, the Hiace keeps on excelling as a versatile van that addresses the issues of a large number of clients. 

As a demonstration of Toyota’s obligation to quality and dependability, the Hiace stays a getting-through option for those looking for a trustworthy and practical vehicle for their day-to-day endeavors.

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