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GMC Yukon XL with Driver

The GMC Yukon XL stands tall as a standard SUV that offers a wealth of space, luxury, and influence. As an extended version of the famous Yukon, the XL variant takes versatility and solace higher than ever, pursuing it an ideal decision for enormous families and those looking for a top-notch SUV experience.

The XL version improves freight space, making it ideal for long travels or conveying a lot of stuff. How about we delve into the impressive elements and details of the GMC Yukon XL:


Feature & Specification Table



Engine Options

5.3L V8


355 hp

Transmission Options

10-Speed Programmed

Seating Capacity

Up to 9 travelers

Freight Capacity

Up to 144.7 cu. ft. (approx. 4,100 liters)


Rear-Wheel Drive or Four-Wheel Drive (discretionary)

The GMC Yukon XL is the embodiment of room, luxury, and ability in the standard SUV section. With its striking plan, strong execution, and advanced highlights, the Yukon XL offers an exceptional driving experience for individuals who demand more from their vehicles. 

As a demonstration of GMC’s obligation to craftsmanship and innovation, the Yukon XL keeps on redefining the principles of what a top-notch SUV can achieve, elevating every excursion into a complex and remarkable adventure.

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