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Step-by-Step Guide: Returning a Car with Driver to a Different Location

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When your vacation or business trip comes to an end, returning your rental automobile might be a hassle. However, with a well-organized strategy and some direction, the procedure may be a breeze. What if someone else is driving, though? Imagine having a dedicated driver accompanying you throughout your journey. Check out this step-by-step guide by car with driver for brief information on the steps involved in returning a rental car in Dubai.

Step 1: Review Your Arrangements

It’s important to comprehend the details of your car-with-driver arrangement before starting your trip. Know the hours, dates, and any instructions that have been agreed upon with the automobile service.  Being informed will ensure a seamless transition when it’s time to return the car.

Step 2: Communicate with Your Driver

Open communication with your driver is critical. Ask your driver to clarify the precise drop-off location, time, and other instructions a day or two before the scheduled return. This proactive strategy will guarantee that you and your driver are on the same page and help prevent last-minute uncertainty.

Step 3: Tidy Up and Gather Your Belongings

Even though you’re not personally driving the car, keeping the vehicle clean and organized is good practice. Gather all your belongings, ensuring you haven’t left anything behind. This step makes the return process smoother and reflects your consideration for the driver and the vehicle.

Step 4: Document the Car’s Condition

Similar to the traditional car rental process, document the car’s condition. While you might not be responsible for any damages, having a record of the vehicle’s state when it’s returned can benefit both you and the car service. Take photos or videos of the interior and exterior as evidence if needed.

Step 5: Plan Your Return Route

Work with your driver to determine the best route to the drop-off location. Take into consideration factors like traffic and potential road closures. A well-planned course ensures a smooth and timely drop-off, minimizing potential stress.

Step 6: Arrive at the Drop-Off Location

Follow whatever directions the vehicle service gives you once you get to the designated drop-off spot.  They might have a specific area or protocol for returning their vehicles. Your driver’s experience and familiarity with the process will ensure everything goes smoothly.

Step 7: Confirm Details with the Car Service

As you hand over the car, take a moment to confirm the return with the car service representative present. Discuss any outstanding matters or concerns, and ensure both parties agree regarding the return.

Step 8: Express Your Gratitude

Appreciation goes a long way. Thank your driver for their professionalism, assistance, and safe transport throughout your journey. Expressing gratitude creates a positive experience for both you and the driver.


Delivering a vehicle with a driver to another site doesn’t have to be difficult. This step-by-step manual will help you efficiently wrap up your journey and make the most of having a designated driver. From communicating effectively with your driver to ensuring the car is in good condition, these steps will help you quickly wrap up your journey. 

So, whether you’re returning from a vacation or wrapping up a business trip, you can focus on the memories you’ve made, knowing that your car return process will be smooth and stress-free with the car with driver, and call at   971586795119.

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