Citroen Space Tourer XL

Citroen SpaceTourer XL rental

Citroen Space Tourer XL with Driver

The Citroen SpaceTourer XL is a versatile and extensive MPV that takes special care of the necessities of huge families and business travelers the same. With its flexible seating configurations, current highlights, and effective execution, the SpaceTourer XL provides an agreeable and charming excursion for all travelers.

In the engine, the Citroen SpaceTourer XL is available with a scope of proficient and responsive hoods. How about we explore the impressive elements and determinations of the Citroen SpaceTourer XL:


Feature & Specification Table



Engine Options

1.5L Diesel/2.0L Diesel


Up to 175 hp (2.0L Diesel)

Transmission Options

6-Speed Manual/8-Speed Programmed (2.0L Diesel)

Seating Capacity

Up to 9 travelers

Freight Capacity

Up to 94.4 cu. ft. (approx. 2,678 liters)


Front-Wheel Drive

The Citroen SpaceTourer XL is the epitome of practicality, solace, and versatility. With its roomy interior, flexible seating arrangements, and current highlights, it takes care of the necessities of families and business travelers. As a demonstration of Citroen’s obligation to innovation and versatility, the SpaceTourer XL keeps on offering a shrewd and sharp solution for individuals who look for an agreeable and productive MPV. 

A vehicle easily consolidates space, solace, and innovation, making every outing a magnificent and extraordinary experience for all inhabitants.

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